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Captain of the Guard's steed


Captain of the Guard, Rapunzel, guards of Corona, Flynn Rider, Pascal


Flynn Rider (formerly), Stabbington Brothers


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Flynn's Tangled Tales
Tangled Ever After

Maximus is a horse who serves as the Captain of the Guard's mount. As with his rider, he is dedicated to apprehending criminals and developed a personal grudge against Flynn Rider, whose thieving activities made him infamous throughout Corona. Despite this, Maximus was ultimately able to put aside his animosity towards the thief and helped him save the kingdom's lost princess, Rapunzel, from Mother Gothel.

Abilities Edit

Maximus looks for Flynn

Using his sense of smell, Maximus attempts locating Flynn Rider.

Maximus has an array of abilities as a horse such as speed and endurance. However, a noteworthy ability is his sharpened sense of smell. At most, Maximus uses such ability to track down criminals and this technique serves quite effective. Maximus relies on his sense of smell often when criminals are in hiding somewhere nearby.

Appearances Edit

Animation Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Maximus is based on the Spanish Andalusian breed of horse; this breed was chosen for its unique posture: upright with a straight neck, somewhat resembling a chess piece.[1]

References Edit

  1. The Art of Tangled, page 108.

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