AriannaArnwaldo SchnitzCassandra
ChinaCoronaEugene Fitzherbert
Frying panGothelGothel's tower
GrapesHolleyHook Hand
JesseKing of CoronaMagic flower
Magical FlowerMaximusPascal
PercivalPetePrincess Rapunzel Gallery
Pub ThugsQueen of CoronaRapunzel
Rapunzel's Magic HairSnuggly DucklingStabbington Brothers
StanTangledTangled: Before Ever After
Tangled: The SeriesTangled Ever AfterTangled Wiki
The Crown Of CoronaThe Return of StrongbowWalt Disney Animation Studios
File:139724 02-720x1275-565x1000.jpgFile:Corona.pngFile:Eugene Fitzherbert.png
File:Example.jpgFile:Favicon.icoFile:Gothel's tower.png
File:Gothel.pngFile:IMG 0273.pngFile:IMG 0284.JPG
File:IMG 20170708 222352.jpgFile:IMG 20170708 222353.jpgFile:Magic flower.png
File:Maximus.pngFile:Maximus looks for
File:Outside-My-Window.jpgFile:Pascal.pngFile:Pascal camouflage.png
File:Placeholder item.pngFile:Placeholder location.pngFile:Placeholder other.png
File:Placeholder person.pngFile:Pub thugs.jpgFile:Rapunzel's Princess Tiara Of Corona.png
File:Rapunzel.pngFile:Rapunzel & Pascal at Christmas.pngFile:Rapunzel Unbraided (2005) PreViz
File:Rapunzel Unbraided (Disney - 2010)File:Rapunzel a Day To Remember Book.jpgFile:Snuggly Duckling.png
File:Stabbington Brothers.pngFile:Tangled-Book-disney-princess 1.jpgFile:Tangled-Book-disney-princess 2.jpg
File:Tangled-Book-disney-princess 3.jpgFile:Tangled-When Will My Life Begin-Extended Unfinished sceneFile:Tangled.jpg
File:Tangled Before Ever After - Rapunzel's Hair ReturnsFile:Tangled Before Ever After The Novel.jpgFile:Tangled Before Ever After poster.jpg
File:Tangled Books.jpgFile:Tangled Essential Guide.jpgFile:Tangled Little Golden Book.jpg
File:Tangled Poster 1.jpgFile:Tangled Poster 2.jpgFile:Tangled Poster 3.jpg
File:Tangled Poster 3 Rapunzel.jpgFile:Tangled Poster Widejpg.jpgFile:Tangled Rapunzel's Dream Book.jpg
File:Tangled Rapunzel's Journal.jpgFile:Tangled Rapunzel - Mother Knows Best - Extended Version (Deleted Scene) - 1080p HDFile:Tangled Read A loud Storybook.jpg
File:Tangled Sticker Book.jpgFile:Tangled dazzling-day.jpgFile:Tangled movie Poster.jpg
File:Tangled the Series Adventure Is Calling Book.jpgFile:Tangled the Series Chapter Book 1.jpgFile:Tangled the Series Chapter Book 2.jpg

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