Eugene Fitzherbert
Eugene Fitzherbert
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Flynn Rider
Pretty Boy
Fancy Boots







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Thief (formerly)


Stabbington Brothers (formerly), Rapunzel, Maximus


Maximus (formerly), Gothel, guards of Corona (formerly), Stabbington Brothers (formerly)


Stealth and cunning


Frying pan

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Animated appearances

Flynn's Tangled Tales
Tangled Ever After

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Zachary Levi

Eugene Fitzherbert is the husband of Rapunzel. He grew up a poor orphan and, desiring a better life for himself, became a thief under the name of Flynn Rider. He met Rapunzel after he stole Rapunzel's crown and was forced to hide in Gothel's tower to evade his pursuers. Eugene initially decided to take the young woman to see the floating lanterns so that she would return the crown to him, but he gradually fell in love with her. A few years after helping Rapunzel realize her identity as Corona's lost princess, Eugene married her.

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Early life Edit

Eugene grew up an orphan and often read to the younger children from a book titled The Tales of Flynnigan Rider. As a result of his poor background, Eugene idealized Flynnigan Rider, who was stated to be the "richest man alive". He eventually became a thief so that he could live like his hero and even adopted a similar name, "Flynn Rider". As he grew older, Eugene built a reputation as the thieving Flynn Rider, to the extent that he was a wanted criminal.

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  • To make Eugene as attractive as possible, the production team of Tangled held what they hailed as the "Hot Guy Meeting", during which the females at the studio put up photos of actors and celebrities and described what made each one "hot".[1]

References Edit

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